5 Tips to Prevent Home Invasion

How To Protect Your Brisbane Home Against Intrusion

Brisbane residential locksmiths believe that there are many differences between a typical burglar and a home invasion robber. Most burglars fear a confrontation and therefore work while the homeowner is away. A burglar will typically look for an easy entry and an unoccupied house and will mostly work alone. Garage door openers, key rings that carry all of our keys, and absence of mind are a mixture of chance. At some time in our lives, nearly all of us have work done in or on our homes and vehicles. We are casual with our key rings. We hand them to valet parking attendants, and offhandedly give them to service people that we hire to perform services. Garage door openers are left in unlocked vehicles, and in other places that let them be used to gain entrance to our homes. With this in mind let us look at some few ways to prevent a home invasion.

Safety Measures To Protect Your Home From Invasion

Using A Peephole

Use the peephole before opening the front door. Don’t rely on a chain-latch lock. They are very weak and can be easily broken. The peephole should have a wide viewing area. Position your porch light so that you can see people clearly through the peephole. The perimeter of your house should have ample lighting, and trees and shrubs trimmed back.

Hiding Keys

The key that was hidden outside to allow the workmen to come inside during your absence should have been left with a trusted friend, neighbor, or family member. That person could have let the workmen in and stayed in your house while they were there. Never leave a house key hidden anywhere outside.

Installing The Right Locks – And Using Them

Stepping into the house from the heat for a few minutes is refreshing. All it takes to prevent someone from entering the house after you do is locking the door behind you. This also stands for the connecting door between the garage and house. A garage can hide an intruder from neighbors or passerby until he can slip into the house through an unlocked inner entry door. He was lurking around watching you, but you didn’t see him.

Cut Down Outside Visibility

Keep the curtains or blinds closed at night. An open window can provide a wealth of information to a potential home invader; what type of valuables you own, where they are, how many people are home, the layout of your house, etc. If they can’t see into your home to gather information, they may not feel confidant targeting your home and move on. This is only one of the common mistakes that homeowners make that allows potential burglars to get information on them.

Keeping Your Garage Door Opener Safe

Never leave your garage door opener anywhere. If your vehicle must remain in the auto garage or anywhere else overnight, take the garage door opener home with you. Never leave it in an unlocked vehicle. Treat it like your wallet – you wouldn’t leave your wallet or purse behind where it is accessible to anyone.

Working With A Brisbane Locksmith For Ultimate Security

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