Locked out? Lost your keys?

By 29/05/2019June 23rd, 2019Brisbane

Brisbane is expanding fast and so are the high rise buildings throughout the city.  With all the new city apartments we get more calls to unlock city apartment doors then we ever had.  

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No Key? Call Access Locksmiths

To unlock a city apartment door it requires not only skill as a locksmith.  It requires detailed knowledge of the brands and models of locks used on city apartments.  As a locksmith we need to know what the builders have fitted to the door in able to pick the lock or open the door without damage.  The knowledge we gain by selling locks to builders and servicing the locks in the city on apartment doors gives us as locksmiths the best advantage to open your door when you have left the keys inside or lost keys.


All city apartment doors should be fitted with a lock that meets the building codes and fire codes applicable in Brisbane.  Apartment doors generally should not be fitted with deadlocks, door chains or other  accessories as they do not meet building codes.  A specific Lockwood deadlatch is the exception to this rule.  Knowing that all doors should be complient narrows down the exact type of lock and lets us know what are the best methods to use to open your door.


A lot of inner city apartment doors use a high security cylinder or restricted key system.  While some of these lock cylinders make it hard to pick the door lock, our locksmiths can often still pick the lock to open the door.  If the lock can not be picked then there are a number of other methods our locksmith can use to open the door.  


We always try to open the door without causing damage.  There are a number of companies operating and advertising on the internet that they can open your lock.  Many of these companies use backpackers or other untrained people who have no knowledge of locks and who will charge you many times what their advertising states.   Our company has been operating in Brisbane for more then twenty years and we will not mislead you when it comes to your security or unlocking your door.  


Call us any time day or night for an emergency mobile locksmith to unlock the door.  We work throughout Brisbane and can unlock your city apartment.