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Access Locksmiths provides a One Key service

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Access Locksmiths can provide a Restricted Master Keys System to  suit your needs.               

Our Restricted Master Key System gives you control over whom has access to certain areas of your business or building. Our RMK  System also gives you control over the copying of the keys. Owning a “Restricted System”  means that you are the only person who can order any key to be copied.  Our RMK System  ensures that no duplicate keys can be cut.

Our RMK System puts the control of security to your business, building, hotel and even your home back in your hands.

Below is an example of how our RMK System can be used.

Restricted Master Key System Matrix


Access Locksmiths also provides a One Key service. We can re-key your existing locks so that one key will open every lock in your business or home.*

* cylinder type must be the same.

Restricted Master- Key System

Restricted Master-Key System Benefits:

  • Extra High Security
  • Patented Unique Key Design
  • Difficult to Pick Locks
  • Restriction of Coping Keys
  • Records of All Keys and Who they have Been Issued To

What does it mean, what does it offer and how much does it cost?

These are great questions that are often asked by our clients who need an extra level of safety and control over their security. A Restricted Master Key System is a moderately simple idea to understand. Basically, each key can access several different locks and the locks can be made by different manufactures. We supply restricted barrels that can be configured to fit into most locks (with very few exceptions) When you engage a skilled locksmith from Access Locksmiths this process is seamless. We are able to expertly adjust the mechanisms inside the lock to take a restricted key. We can do this without damaging the existing lock.

Basically, a restricted master-key system is a lock cylinder with a unique key system that gives you an advanced level of security to your business, building or home.

The restricted master key system is a patent protected lock and key system. This means that the lock cylinders and keys are only available to approved and registered professional locksmiths such as Access Locksmiths. All restricted keys are stamped with “Do not Copy” indicating to key cutters that they are patent protected and are not to be duplicated. As another layer of protection some restricted key systems available to registered and approved locksmiths have a key that has a unique profile, this means that the key blank cannot be purchased by retail key copiers and are exclusive to your lock provider.

One of the foremost reasons a restricted system is installed is for the high level of security the system offers. The restricted key system is specifically designed so that keys and key blanks cannot be purchased from anywhere, the only exception being authorised and trustworthy locksmiths such as Access Locksmiths. The key blanks are of a profile that is unique and thus making the locks harder to pick, preventing any unauthorised access. The design of a restricted key is patented and protected and can only be produced by the key manufacture.

Restricted Key system is specifically designed for:-

A restricted key system also comes with the protection of meticulously kept duplication records. These records are to be kept by the Installer of your restricted key system. Each restricted system has an elected person or persons who can order new keys to be supplied. A request for keys must be sent to the supplier with an authorised name and signature attached. Keys cannot and will not be cut without the written express authorisation of the system owner. You have control over who has a key, which doors they can access and when copies of your keys are made. All keys are stamped with a unique number, the purchaser must note down the key number and also record who they have issued that key to.

Our Restricted Master Key System gives you back the control over whom has access to certain areas of your business, building or home. Our Restricted Master Key System also gives you control over the coping of your keys. Being the owner of a restricted master key system means you are the only person who can order any keys to be copied. Our Restricted Master key System ensures that no duplicate keys can be. Our Restricted Master Key System puts the control and security to your business, building, hotel and even your home back in your hands.

master key service by access locksmiths brisbaneThe cost of a restricted master-key system is not that much higher than having new locks fitted and re-keyed. The benefits and peace of mind are well worth the cost.

Everyone who feels the need to increase the level of security to their business, building or home should always ask their security provider about installing a restricted master key system. Having control over who can enter certain doors and giving people different access points puts your security back into our hands.

At Access Locksmiths we highly recommend you hire the best locksmith available to you. Always use a licensed security provider. The more skilled and knowledgeable your locksmith is, the better your total job is going to be.


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