The Mighty Whitco Deadlatch

By 05/06/2019June 23rd, 2019Brisbane

The Whitco deadlatch is probably the best value for money lock you can get in Australia.  Whitco have been making their deadlatch for over 30 years and it has evolved into the solid and convenient and reliable lock it is today.

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Australian Deadlatch

The Whitco deadlatch is a rimlock, that means the lock is fitted to the inside of the door and not mortised into the door.  The lock cylinder requires a 27mm hole to be drilled through the door to open the deadlatch.


The Whitco deadlatch is fitted by screwing a retaining plate to the door with 4 wood screws.  It is also helped by the 2 screws that hold the outside cylinder.  The strike for the deadlatch is mortised into the door frame and screwed in with three screws.  There is also a door frame strengthener that is screwed securely into the frame with 2 very large screws to strengthen the strike’s resistance to a forced attack.


The Whitco deadlatch has a latch and a deadlatch pin.  The deadlatch pin does not go into the hole of the strike.  Instead it slides along the outside of the strike to make the lock go into a deadlatched state.  When deadlatched the tongue of the lock can not be pushed back and opened with a piece of plastic or metal ruler.  


A keyhole on the inside of the turn snib is used to lock the inside handle.  When the inside handle is locked the door can not be opened from the inside or the outside.  This makes the deadlatch a deadlock that is secured from both sides.  It is suitable for a gate as the inside remains locked.  


When the Whitco deadlatch is deadlocked from the inside turning the key in the outside cylinder will release the deadlock function.  This is designed so as to make it difficult to lock yourself inside your house or apartment.  When you come home and unlock your door, the deadlock is automatically disabled so you can exit without a key.


The Whitco deadlatch is one of the only locks that can be used on a fire door in an apartment.  For this special requirement please contact our locksmith for expert advise.


A locksmith can set the key in the Whitco deadlatch to suit your other Whitco, Lockwood or other brand locks.  It can also be keyed to a Lockwood door lock or deadlock so the whole house can be on the one key.


If you require a deadlatch fitted to your door or any other type of lock fitted or repaired, our locksmiths can be contacted any time for a private discussion.  If you have an emergency a locksmith is on call 24 hours a day for your convenience.