The Whitco Leichardt for your Security Screen Door

The Whitco Leichardt has been used in Australia on sliding screen doors for over 20 years.  It has proven to be a reliable lock capable of withstanding a high amount of use.  Locksmiths all over Australia and especially in Brisbane use it as a replacement lock for security doors because it is a good price and it is a quality lock.

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Whitco Leichardt

There are now a few brands of security door lock used in Brisbane.  Brands such as Austral, Lockwood, and Gainsbrough all make a lock to fit a security screen door. The Whitco Leichardt is by far still the most popular lock fitted to security screen doors.  It has some features that make it the standard in security door locks.


The anti friction catch was one of the biggest advances made to the Whitco Leichardt.  To stop wear on the lock and the latch mechanism Whitco designed a latch that does not slide over the strike when it is closed.  Instead the latch stays in the open position until the door is closed again.  A trigger in the lock is used to snap the lock closed only when the door is fully pushed to the closed position.  This also means that the lock can not be locked with the key until the door is fully closed.  This anti locking also stops wear on the lock.  Because the lock can not be accidentally locked in the open position, the lock can not be forced or pushed into the strike which would cause wear or even break the lock. 


The cylinder of the Whitco Leichardt is removed with only one screw.  It can only be removed with the key.  The key must be turned to remove the cylinder.  If you have no key a locksmith must be called to unlock the door and remove the cylinder.  Whitco make a few different types of lock cylinder to fit the Leichardt.  Because the security door slides next to a glass door often a short type of lock cylinder is required to avoid the cylinder hitting the glass door.  There is also a longer type of cylinder that can be used in the Whitco Leichardt and it can even be keyed alike to other security doors and even keyed alike to the main doors and deadlocks in a house.


The Leichardt has a snib on the inside of the door.  The snib is used when you are at home and do not want to deadlock the security door.  Turning the snib will lock the door but it can be unlocked again with the snib.  To deadlock the security screen door the key must be used.  Turning the key will deadlock the door and the snib will not be able to unlock the door.  To unlock the door again the key must be used. 


There is a triple lock adapter kit available for the Whitco Leichardt.  The triple lock kit makes the Leichardt lock in three points along the edge of the door.  Making the door lock at the top, bottom and middle makes it more secure and stronger.  Usually the triple lock option is made when you order your security doors although they can be added after if required. 


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