What Deadlock Should You Get

By 25/08/2020August 28th, 2020Brisbane

A guide to which Deadlocks are best for Australia.

In my experience fitting Deadlocks and Deadbolts to thousands of commercial and domestic doors throughout Brisbane, I have come up with a list of the best locks to have fitted, and why.

Firstly, you should always have a Locksmith fit your Deadlock, to ensure that it fitted correctly and also that the lock is fit for the purpose that you require.  This may seem obvious, but there are a lot of scammers out there these days who will pretend to be Locksmiths, and do you no good.

1). Lockwood 001 Deadlatchlockwood 001 deadlatch deadlock

This is the most prevalent deadlock in Australia today.  When fitted correctly, it is extremely secure, and will usually stop almost every criminal from gaining entry to your home or business.  I have fitted thousands of these locks in the last 25 years, and I cannot think of having any single lock that I have has to go back and replace because of any fault. They are ‘bulletproof’, very difficult to pick with standard lockpicks, and they last much longer than most other deadlocks.  The Lockwood 001 receives my vote as the top deadlock for Brisbane, as it also meets our fairly stringent Fire Door regulations, and the Australian Standards.

2).  Double Cylinder Deadlock

double cylinder deadlockThe double cylinder deadlock comes in a variety of different brands in the Commercial Deadbolt range – these brands include – Brava, Carbine, Lockwood, Whitco, Abus, Kaba, and others.  When fitted by a Locksmith, these locks are very effective at securing your house or office doors.  They will keep out most criminals, and they should meet your insurance provider’s requirement that all entry doors are deadlocked.  When combined with a quality restricted masterkey system, they will be much more secure.

3).  Lockwood 355

lockwood 355 deadlockAt the higher levels of your security needs lies this legendary deadlock. The Lockwood 355 is extremely secure, extremely durable, and capable of being keyed to very high security masterkey systems. This lock is the choice for securing areas that you feel are likely to be broken into. The Lockwood 355, when fitted by a qualified Locksmith, should be the highest practical level of security that most people would need in Brisbane and Australia.

4).  The ADI Bloklok

adi bloklok deadlock

My list couldn’t be complete without mention of the ADI Bloklok (or ADI Blocklok).  We use these locks mainly when we are securing commercial shopfront doors.  The Double Bloklok is used for Double Commercial Aluminium Shopfront Doors, and the Single Bloklok is used in a variety of Aluminium and Timber Commercial doors. These deadlocks are very secure, and most agree they meet the exit requirements of modern Commercial Fire Exit Door regulations when the Bolt has been removed. Arguably, when the bolt is in place and the lock is locked, and the building is vacant, then these locks can secure the building to meet Insurance requirements without contravening the fire escape regulations (apparently).  Mainly for this reason the Bloklok is very common in Brisbane City shops, and throughout Queensland.

If you have any questions about Deadlocks, or want a quote to fit any of these locks, don’t hesitate to call us anytime.

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