What is a Digital Lock?

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Lockwood mechanical digital Dx lock.

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Mechanical Digital Lock

The lockwood mechanical digital lock is not a new design.  It has been fitted by locksmiths for over 20 years now which really speaks for its durability in Australia.  While it is not new, it has evolved and new security features have been added to the mechanism to make it more secure from manipulation attacks.


The lockwood mechanical digital lock is great for businesses or for your home.  With no keys to worry about It makes opening a door fast.  The fast action is great for storerooms in shops and for just about every application.  Lockwood have made this lock with 14 buttons numbered 0 and X, Y, Z.   This creates a great number of combinations that are manually set.


To set a combination the lock must be removed from the door.  This might sound like a hassle but in fact it makes it difficult for a casual worker or person walking past  to change the combination on the lock.  The combination is set by flicking switches on the back of the lock to correspond with the correct numbers on the front.  If you need a Lockwood digital lock changed it is best to consult a locksmith for the correct procedure.


There are various functions the Lockwood digital lock is available in.  The standard off the shelf lock comes with a 70mm latch.  The lock will automatically lock when the door is closed.  This is great for most applications such as on a house door or on a storeroom inside a shop or a shopping centre.  Other functions are available to suit most Lockwood locks such as the Lockwood 001 and commercial door locks.


If you need a Lockwood digital lock fitted to your door, please ask our locksmiths for advice on the correct lock for your door.  We are always available to fit these locks if you should require.

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