What Lever handle lock should be fitted to an old door?

As a locksmith it is common for us to get calls about fitting locks to old doors.  One of the most common is regarding fire doors or fire exit doors.  While fire exit doors and fire doors are vastly different, what most people are wanting is a fire exit lock fitted to their old door.  As locksmiths get asked about this very often here is a case where a lever handle lock was fitted to a rustic door.

Lock fitted to timber house door by Access Locksmiths Brisbane 24 hour
Leverset lock

This door was well suited to have a lever handle fire exit lock fitted to it.  The middle rail of the door was wide and solid and very substantial for fitting a lever handle lock.  The door construction is often the biggest obstacle to fitting a lever handle lock.  As this door was constructed so solidly it was easy to fit a lock to it.  

This lock is a carbine fire exit lock.  The lock is always able to be opened from the inside incase of a fire.  Having a lock that is always free to open meets the fire regulations needed for this fire exit door.  

This lock also has an anti lockout function.  When the door is opened, by pushing on the inside lever handle, the outside lever handle is automatically unlocked.  So it makes it very difficult to occidentally lock yourself out, in which case you would have to call a locksmith to let you back in.  

This carbine lever handle lock also has a 6 pin key that is compatible with Lockwood locks and many others.  It can be keyed alike to other doors in the house or business.

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