When should you change the locks?

Everyone knows that when we move to a new house we should get the locks changed. But is it really that important in Brisbane?

Get your locks rekeyed today!

We get a lot of calls at Access Locksmiths to change locks after people have been broken into.  Many of those calls are people who have been broken into with a key that was already in existence.  Keys from old tenants, keys from tradesmen or cleaners who have had access, keys from real estate agents and many more.  It might be good to think that people are trustworthy but the unfortunate truth is that there are people who look for ways to gain access to properties through duplicating a key.  All it takes to duplicate a key is for someone to have access to a property and to have a key copied or even to take a photo of the key.

There is no legal requirement for locks to be changed when tenants move in Queensland.  Here in Brisbane there are very few responsible real estate agents that have the locks changed each time a tenant moves out.  It is very easy to have the locks changed and to ensure that the new tenants are safe and the old tenants and their friends do not have access to the property.

When changing locks a locksmith will come to the property and change each lock to ensure the old keys no longer work in the locks.  This is done by changing the lock cylinders and putting a new combination in the lock.  Only the new key that the locksmith cuts will work in the lock after the locks have been changed.  Our locksmiths check every lock to ensure that the locks are definitely changed and that the property is secure.

When you need locks changed our locksmiths are available 24 hours a day for emergency locksmith work.  Whether it is an emergency locksmith situation or not we will be at your property promptly and do a professional job.