Which Security Screen Door Lock Should You Get?

The Whitco Tasman security door lock is used on most swinging security screen doors here in Brisbane.  Whitco have manufactured the Tasman for a great number of years and it has now involved into the Mk3 Tasman and the greatly improved Mk2 Tasman.

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Whitco Tasman Security Screen Lock

The first generation Whitco Tasman can still be found on security doors today!  The original Whitco Tasman can easily be identified as it had just one curved latch that locked into the strike.  The first Whitco Tasman also did not have any snib to lock the door.  It had to be locked with the key.  The key when turned deadlocked the latch.


The Mk2 and Mk3 Tasman’s employed a more squarish bolt with a deadlatch pin next to the main bolt.  The deadlatch pin did not enter the strike hole.  Instead the deadlatch pin was pushed in when the door was closed.  This caused the main bolt of the Mk2 and Mk3 to extend fully into the strike.  It also deadlatched the lock so it could not be pushed open with knife or small screwdriver when the door was locked.  


The Mk2 and Mk3 Tasman also were made with a snib.  The snib is used on the inside of the door only.  The idea is that when you are in the house you can snib the door so that it is locked, but not deadlocked with the key.  It makes for faster exit and is more convenient, especially on a non entry door.


All the Whitco Tasman locks are able to be fitted with a 3 point locking system.  The triple lock kit is available separately from the main Tasman lock.  The triple lock kit is sadly no longer available for the original Mk1 Tasman.


The Tasman like the Leichardt (sliding door security door lock) can take a number of different cylinder combinations.  The main two designs for cylinders are the wafer cylinder, which is short and the longer pin cylinder.  


The pin cylinder for the Whitco Tasman is often used by locksmiths.  The cylinder is of a high quality and a locksmith can use the pin cylinder to key alike the Tasman to other locks in the home.  Deadlocks, entry locks, even garage doors and padlocks can be keyed the same using the Whitco pin cylinder.


If you require service of a security door lock or a Whitco Tasman our locksmiths are available 24 hours a day to help with your lock problems.  A Whitco Tasman can get a lot of use as a security door gets opened and shut many times a day.  We stock a range of replacement locks for all security doors including the Tasman and Leichardt.