Why do so many shops in Brisbane have ’Blokloks’ fitted? Locksmith Albion

By 20/06/2019August 17th, 2020Brisbane

The ADI Bloklok, the ’swiss army knife’ of commercial locks. Seen on almost every retail and commercial premises in Brisbane, these locks have become part of the security landscape of Australia.

The most common commercial shop front door is the swinging double glass and aluminium door.  These glass doors are fitted to a majority of shops in Brisbane.  They usually have door closers on each of the double doors and are a push/pull door.  


The standard locks for locking the shopfront glass double door are flushbolts on the fixed door with a Lockwood 5900 in the centre of the swinging door.  Often the Lockwood 5900 will have a lever handle to make it complaint with commercial fire regulations.  As most shopkeepers find out fairly quickly the standard locks fitted to the commercial doors are not very secure.  They are not secure for many reasons that I will not go into.


A better way to lock a commercial glass and aluminium door is to use a Double Block Lock.  A Double Block Lock has three components.  It has two Blocks that are bolted to each of the swinging doors.  The Blocks line up to receive a heavy duty bolt that slides through the first Block and into the second Block where a key lock is used to lock the Bolt in place.  


The Block lock is independent of the existing locks on the door.  It does not rely on the flush bolts to lock the door or the main locking device.  Once locked the Block Lock can only be opened with a key.  It’s heavy metal construction being a deterrent to even the most hardened criminals.


Once the Block Lock is unlocked and the bolt removed the lock is totally incapacitated.  There is no way to accidentally lock the door and the door opens and closes as if there were no lock on the door. There are fire regulations where this type of incapacitation is required but always check the regulations yourself or ask one of our locksmiths for more details on the Queensland fire regulations and commercial buildings. 


If you need a Block Lock or any other type of lock fitted to your shop  please contact our locksmith at any time.  Working 24 hours for your emergency locksmith requirements we are always available to discuss your security requirements.