Why Do You Need A High Security Masterkey System?

By 20/04/2019September 23rd, 2020Brisbane
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So, you might think that living in Brisbane means that you have no need for high-security locks. Well, I have seen hundreds of people over the years who decide to upgrade their security AFTER they’ve been broken into. ( Commonly called ’shutting the gate after the horse has bolted’ )

What is the big deal with High Security Locks

The pin tumbler lock has been manufactured for over 100 years now! It was a revolutionary design because it could be cheaply mas produced and it offered an immense range of possible key combinations (100,000 for a 5 pin lock).  

Times have moved on from the days when a pin tumbler lock was considered secure. There was a time when only a locksmith had the knowledge to pick a lock or bypass a lock.  With the explosion of information on the internet it is now possible for masses of people to access the information once only known to a select group of locksmiths.  Saying that a pin tumbler lock is this era is a fallacy.  Pin tumbler locks are just too easy to open if you have a little knowledge.

So why are pin tumbler locks still sold and still by far the most popular lock in the Australian market?  There are a few reasons for this.  One is that they are still very cheap to manufacture.  There are also conveniences of pin tumbler locks that other locks can not match such as master keying and keying alike.   There are also no cheap alternatives to pin tumbler locks that are as secure.

So should you lock up anything of real value with pin tumbler locks?  Probably not!  If a lock can be easily opened by criminals then it defeats the purpose of having a lock on the door.  High security locks fitted by a locksmith offer much better security.  The idiocy of fitting a lock to a door that offers little real security can not be overstated.  Just because your neighbours have a low security lock does not mean that it is secure!

Contact our locksmith division for a security check of your home or business.  We can give you a real world view of your security and how vulnerable your premises might be.